A tour of Medbrary

For Publishers

Medbrary brings the unrivaled technological expertise of its global operation to its public and private partnerships, as well as the long-standing relationships held with leading STM (scientific, technical and medical) publishers around the world. With these strong, well-established alliances, Medbrary is uniquely able to provide copyright-compliant, fast turnaround of single document and subscriptions. We invite STM publishers to add their publications to Medbrary. Publishing in Medbrary is free. We accept titles in English (also in Spanish at Medbrary.com.es), specifically aimed at health professionals and biomedical researchers.

Any user can become a publisher. Just submit your publication and we will review it. Not all publications get accepted, but most do. Just make sure your publication meets our requirements.

Tools for verified publishers

If you are a verified publisher (contact us first) we have some great tools to help you submit multiple publications at once.

Manage your active publications

Publishers can easily access and manage their publications from their account. They can edit information, submit updates of the publication and edit covers.

Full management & tracking of finances

Publishers can monitor their account balance and account operation history. Each time a publication sells the publishers account is credited with the percentage of sale price (70%). Users can then withdraw their account balance to their PayPal account. Everything is 100% automated. Publishers also receive a standard and non-negotiable 70% from user subscriptions. This is paid monthly to each publisher based on the number of active publications. Read our terms for more details.

Feedback on publications

Users can post to publishers notes or feedback for certain publications. This helps publishers identify possible mistakes in their publications.