Publishing in Medbrary is free of cost.

What to publish

  • Abstracts or proceedings of medical, research or academic conferences
  • Preprints of scientific articles
  • Scientific articles
  • Dissertations or thesis of Doctoral / Masters level
  • Medical or scientific books

What not to publish

Any publication containing hate material, racial discrimination, propaganda and other similar material that would be considered offensive or morally corrupt. Do not submit publications for which you do not have the right to sell or share. You can find more information in this regard in the page “Copyright”.

Fix your price

You can fix the price of your publication (in US$) or leave it blank to be able to share it under open access. If you do not know what amount to choose, you can explore Medbrary in search of similar publications to check the prices. Market researchers recommend to fix low prices for digital publications in order to gain more customers since the number of customers is the most important factor to determine benefits and this number depends on prices exponentially.