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An Open Ended Biological Write-up
An Academic Aid To The Aspirants Of Competitive Examinations
Author: Vijay Kothari
Publisher: Nirma University
40 pages
One time payment: €31.00
Required subscription: Clinical
Type of publication: Book
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This is a biological write-up written in a continuous style. Each consecutive paragraph draws from the preceding paragraph. Even if some reader starts reading from any page at random, he/she will be able to make sense of what is being read, without necessarily referring to the previous text. This has been written keeping in mind those students who are preparing for a variety of competitive examinations in biology, providing an overview of relevant topics, without digging in too deep. In first part of the book, information is in form of paragraphs, whereas in the second part pieces of information are provided in form of individual bullet points, which may be asked as True/False or fill in the blank. This book is likely to be useful to the students at higher secondary and/or undergraduate level. Students can also use it as a filler reading, when their mind may be somewhat tired of structured reading. They can even think of what text they can add on their own to this already existing write-up, as it is an open-ended writing, students can start from any point and reach any other logical point.

About the publisher:

I am a faculty affiliated to Institute of Science, Nirma University.

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