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Quality Design In Anatomical Pathology
Author: Dr. Anil Malleshi Betigeri
Publisher: Internet Medical Publishing
70 pages
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Type of publication: Book
ISBN/ISSN: 978-1466256972
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The butterfly effect, as defined in the Chaos theory is an interesting phenomenon characterized by the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where in a small initial change at a place in  a nonlinear system can result in massive differences to a later state.The classical example quoted is that of a butterfly flapping  its wings and causing a hurricane. Edward Lorenz popularized  this term in weather forecasting which had already been descri- bed in the literature in a particular case of the three body problem by Henri Poincaré in 1890.(Some Historical Notes: History of Chaos Theory) He observed that a very minute changes in one of the variables (instead of entering a value as 0.506127, he chose 0.506) in a computer model for weather forecasting affected  the whole system tremendously. 


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