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Ultrastructural Aspects Of Cranial And Peripheric Nerves Of Cronically Diabetic And Malnourished Rats: A Short Biochemical Panorama
Author: Ageu De Oliveira Saraiva, Larissa Queiroz Pontes, Lia Gonçalves Pinho, Marcus Rafael Lobo Bezerra, Hiroê Alencar Braga, Nádia Nara Rolim Lima, Carlos Augusto Carvalho De Vasconcelos, Modesto Leite Rolim Neto, José Luiz De Lima Filho, Fábio Andr
Publisher: Internet Medical Publishing
4 pages
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DOI: 10.3823/1668
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Studies in rats showed the importance of sirtuins (SIRT), deacetylases that use NAD+ as a cofactor, which have a widespread function in metabolism, and their relation when food deprived or calorie restricted. Additionally, diabetic neuropathy presents different structural biomarkers that cause morphological alterations in fiers that can be partially treated. SIRT1 is the principal sirtuin, which acts
on hypothalamus, liver, kidney, among other organs, up regulating or down regulating the expression of some genes or enzymes crucial in the process of glucose absorption.

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