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World's Tiniest Machine
Author: Ghassan Haddad
Publisher: Haddad Ghassan
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                                      World's tiniest machines





Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry on Wednesday for developing the world's smallest machines, 1,000 times thinner than a human hair but with the potential to revolutionize medicine, computers and energy systems.


Molecular machines are molecules with controllable movements, which can perform a task when energy is added. These tiny machines can grasp and connect amino acids, the building blocks of proteins

 The doctors in the future will inject these tiny machines in your blood veins and then go to search for a cancer cell or deliver a drug.



Such molecular machines can be developed in smart medicines that seek out disease or damage and deliver drugs to fight or fix it, and in smart materials that can adapt in response to external triggers such as changes in light or temperature



The Nobel Prize Academy announced that the molecular motor is at the same stage as the electric motor was in the 1830s, when scientists displayed various spinning cranks and wheels, unaware that they would lead to electric trains, washing machines, fans and food processors.

Machines at the molecular level have taken chemistry to a new dimension Said Dr Sauvage (one of the winner of the one million dollar prize) and will most likely be used in the development of drugs that fight cancer.
These machines are molecules with controllable movements, which can perform a task when energy is added.


Edited by Dr Ghassan George Haddad

American Board of Psychiatrty and Neurology




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