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Shortening Of Electrical Cardiac Systole: A New Electrical Disturbance? Short Pr And Qt Intervals In The Same Electrocardiogram Tracing (breijo Pattern)
Author: Dr. Francisco R. Breijo-marquez. Phd.
Publisher: Breijo-Marquez Francisco
25 pages
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Type of publication: Article
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Despite the convulsive times that we are living as well as the discrepancies and controversies about whether a technique or a drug is better than another is for a specific heart disease, the knowledge of the heart and its mechanical and electrical function is higher every day.

For some authors, the electrical cardiac systole only includes the QT interval. That is, the ventricular depolarization and repolarization.


For us, must also include atrial depolarization and repolarization (although the latter cannot be seen since it is masked by QRS complex) because if there is not an atrial contraction, ventricular contraction would be impossible. Namely, electrical cardiac systole comprises the full space occupied from the beginning the P wave to the end of the T wave when it reaches the isoelectric line of the ECG.

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