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Quality And Safety A New Interprofessional Education Module
Author: Kristian Gjessing, Cristina Joy Torgé, Mats Hammar, Johanna Dahlberg, Tomas Faresjö
7 pages
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Type of publication: Article
ISBN/ISSN: 1178-2390
DOI: 10.2147/62619
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Background: Interprofessional teamwork is in many ways a norm in modern health care, and needs to be taught during professional education.

Description: This study is an evaluation of a newly introduced and mandatory learning module where students from different health profession programs used Improvement of Quality and Safety as a way to develop interprofessional competence in a real-life setting. The intention of this learning module was to integrate interprofessional teamwork within the students’ basic education, and to give students a basic knowledge about Improvement of Quality and Safety. This report focuses on evaluations from the participating students (n=222), mainly medical and nursing students.

Materials and methods: To evaluate this new learning module, a questionnaire was developed and analyzed using a mixed methods design, integrating both qualitative and quantitative methods. The evaluation addressed learning concepts, learning objectives, and interprofessional and professional development.

Results and conclusion: A majority of students responded positively to the learning module as a whole, but many were negative toward specific parts of the learning module and its implementation. Medical students and male students were less postive towards this learning module. Improvements and alterations were suggested.



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