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Advances In The Therapy Of Multiple Sclerosis
Author: Ghassan Haddad
Publisher: Haddad Ghassan
17 pages
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 Advances in the Therapy of Multiple Sclerosis

 Edited by Dr Ghassan George Haddad


 Multiple Sclerosis is characterized by a triad of inflammation, demyelination,
and gliosis .Lesions of MS typically occur at different times and in different central
nervous system (CNS) locations (i.e., disseminated in time and space) .

The course can be relapsing-remitting or progressive. Manifestations of MS vary
from a benign illness beginning in early to middle adulthood to a rapidly evolving
and incapacitating disease requiring profound lifestyle adjustments.

MS affects 2.5 million individuals worldwide . MS is approximately threefold more
common in women than men. The age of onset is between 20 and 40 years. Rarely
the disease’s onset maybe as early as 1–2 years of age or as late as the eighth decade

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