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Treating The Elderly Diabetic Patient
Author: Louise Kezerle, Leah Shalev, Leonid Barski
Publisher: Baqué Andreu Cristina
10 pages
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Type of publication: Article
ISBN/ISSN: 1178-7007
DOI: 10.217/48898
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Abstract: The prevalence of diabetes is rising in the .65 year-old group. The challenge of defining the goals of therapy arises from the heterogeneity of the aging process and the sparse clinical data in this patient population. In light of these challenges, the clinician should be aware of the pitfalls of caring for the older diabetic patient and prioritize an individualized treatment plan to ensure an optimal glycemic control, without placing the patient at unnecessary risk. We present a review of the current guidelines and literature that deal specifically with the treatment of the older diabetic patient in order to establish the principles of treatment in this age group and help the clinician make decisions regarding the care of these patients.

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