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Congenital Malformations: A Prevalence Study In The City Of Sousa, Paraíba, Between 2012 And 2014
Author: Ocilma Barros De Quental, Ágatha Barbosa De Paula, Jennifer Yohanna Ferreira De Lima Antão, Hermes Melo Teixeira Batista, Ankilma Do Nascimento Andrade Feitosa, Maria Iranilda Silva Magalhães, Tatiana Alves Oliveira, Renata Lívia Silva Fonseca Mo
Publisher: Internet Medical Publishing
10 pages
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Type of publication: Article
DOI: 10.3823/1804
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Congenital malformations, also called Congenital Anomalies (CA) or congenital defects are morphological and/or functional changes detectable at birth or that are manifested at later stages of life. The morphological or anatomical changes exhibit very diverse clinical manifestations, from mild dysmorphisms highly prevalent in the population to extremely rare and complex defects of organs or body segments. These defects may present themselves alone or in combination, comprising syndromes of genetic and/or environmental causes

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